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Word Press Demonstration Workshop

July 2, 2011

Documentation (Word Press Demonstration Workshop – v2)

Word Press Demonstration Workshop

For Beginner Users:

1)      Tour:

2)      What it can do:

–          2 ways Communication via the internet

–          Post Stuff

–          Allows you to have a daily record of your activities

Before we begin:

Create a WordPress site name:                                                     .
(must be letters/number/or both – cannot be punctuations or special characters)

Decide on Categories: I.E. your teaching assignment/loads


How you will group them together to from your menu bar

Top Down (By Category)


         English 10

         English 11

         English 12

Across (By Course)





Decide on an Account Name and Password:

Account ID:                                                                        


For Intermediate Users:

Step 1 – Create your Account

1)      Goto

2)      Click on ‘signup now’

3)      Fill in the online form

 4)      Goto your email to confirm you signup

Step 2 – Create your Blog site

1)      Open one Webpage TAB and use it to view your changes

2)      Open another Webpage TAB and use it to make your changes

3)      Using one of the Webpage TAB – Login using your new ID and Password

4)      Sorting out your categories (refer to page 1)

5)      The user interface – important features – Dashboard

Top menu bars

  • My Accounts
  • My Blogs

Side menu bars

  • Post
  • Media
  • * Appearance * Themes, Menus

Step 3 – Setting up your Blog

 1)      Create Categories (Under “Post”)

 2)      Create Menus (Under “Appearance”

  • Use: ‘Menu Name’ – to create a title menu bar
  • Under: ‘Theme Location’ select your menu bar as ‘Primary Navigation’
  • Select ‘Categories’ and ‘View All’ to check off your Menu Selection
  • Change the menu hierarchy – Menus & Sub Menus

 3)      Create Link – ‘Admin Login’ using ‘Custom Links’

4)      Decide on a theme

5)      Check your blog

  • Log Off
  • close all browsers
  • Re-open a browser
  • Type in your blog’s internet address
  • Click on “Admin Login”

6)      Login using the “Admin Link”

Create a Post

Click on ‘Add a Post’ or something like it

  • Title is important

“Course Outline” vs “English 10 – Course Outline”

  • The Body
  • Format is limited – try ‘Kitchen Sink’
  • Publish/Save Draft/Update
  • Attach a Word Doc
  • Adding a Link


  • Adding Pictures/Music
  • Library
  • Comments
  • Feedback
  • Polls – need additional signup
  • Forms – need a bit of skills – use the HTML window

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