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Day 1 – Team Building & Working Together

July 6, 2011

Day 1 Activities

– Hockey Lineup – Introduction (getting to know your class)

Students line up in a line much like what happens at the end of a hockey game where both teams shake hands.  except in our lineup, our student exchange name and the name of their favorite move.

– Free For All – Ball Challenge

Each team is to grab as many balls as you can and score them in their own goals.  4 teams compete at the same time on field.

– Team Work – Ball Challenge

Same as above except two teams work in collaboration and the score is combined for a team score.

Introduction to Metal Construction

The teams build an arm device and compete in the ball challenge again.

– Hand Device – Ball Challenge

Using the arm device, the teams goes on field and try out their arm.  Improvements are made to enhance their scoring capabilities.



From → Robot Camp

  1. Karyn Huenemann permalink

    We’d like to see more description of what the boys were trying to do…

  2. Post Updated and more stuff added.


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