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Earth Science 11 – Course Outline

September 7, 2011

Earth Science 11 – 2011/2012

Unit 1 – Investigating earth

  • Earth and Its Environment (Introduction)
  • Geological Science (Resources and Environment)

Unit 2 Earth Matter
September, October, November

  • Geological Science (Earth Materials)

Unit 3 Dynamic Earth
November, December

  • Geological Science (Tectonics and Vulcanism)
  • Geological Science (Tectonics and Earthquakes)

Unit 4 Earth’s Changing Surface
December, January

  • Geological Science – Rocks and Erosion
  • Global Changes – when the Earth fights back

Unit 5 Atmosphere and Weather
February, March,

  • Atmospheric Science (The Atmosphere)
  • Atmospheric Science (Pressure and Winds)
  • Atmospheric Science (Evaporation, Precipitation, and Weather)

Unit 6 Earth’s Ocean
March, April

  • Oceanographic Science (Oceans)

Unit 7 Space
April, May

  • Astronomical Science (Observing the Universe)
  • Astronomical Science (Stars and Galaxies)
  • Astronomical Science (The Sun and the Solar System)
  • Astronomical Science (The Earth and Moon)
  • Astronomical Science (Space Technologies)

Unit 8 Earth History
May, June

  • Earth’s History (Geologic Time)

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