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Food Factor Game – Mission Information

September 30, 2011


All of the Food Factor missions relate to various food topics and food safety problems:[5]

  • Pollution Reversal – 4 points per ball (up to 8 points)
  • Corn Harvest – up to 9 points
  • Fishing – up to 18 points
  • Pizza and Ice Cream – 7 points each (up to 14 points)
  • Farm Fresh Produce – 9 points
  • Distant Travel – 9 points
  • Cooking Time – 14 points
  • Storage Temperature – 20 points
  • Pest Removal – 15 points each (up to 30 points)
  • Refrigerated Ground Transport – up to 20 points
  • Groceries – 2 points each (up to 24 points)
  • Disinfect – up to 12 points each (up to 48 points)
  • Hand Wash/Bacterial – 3 points each (up to 144 points)
  • Hand Wash/Viral – up to 13 points
  • Good Bacteria – 6 points each (up to 72 points each)

From the Team:

Mission : Cooking time 0:47 ~ 0:54, scroll to a bit after halfway

Mission: Distance Traveler
Overall Video:  (At 2:28~2:40) (almost near the bottom)

MISSION: DISTANT TRAVEL – Your body suppresses and eliminates the vast majority of chemicals and germs you eat, and it’s especially good at getting rid of stuff it’s been exposed to before – stuff it’s used to. But when you eat in a city or country that’s very far from home, your body’s defenses can be caught off guard by contaminants it’s never processed before. It’s common for travellers to get quite sick after eating certain foods, while other people who ate the same foods right next to them have no problems.Travel to the east wall.

SCORING CONDITION(S): The robot touching the east wall is worth 9 POINTS

Mission: Fishing
More info.
Skip to 1:28 for some info on Fishing.
Skip to 0:48 for info on Fishing.

Pollution reversal

About half way through, there is some info on Pollution Reversal

More info on the rules.

This highlights all the game types, but if you skip to 40 seconds in there will be a bit of info on Pollution Reversal

MISSION: PEST REMOVAL – Some animals carry many, many germs that don’t bother them, but which are really bad 

for us. And some animals have extremely unclean habits (enough said about that!). These animals have become very 

good at infesting population centers and especially food storage, shipping, and preparation areas, living in the shadows, 

climbing and nesting in the tiniest unseen places. Convince them to live somewhere else! Keep all food well-sealed, and 

all food areas clean.  At the first sign of these pests, it’s usually too late! 

SCORING CONDITION(S):  Rats in your Base are worth 15 POINTS EACH (to you only).

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